Can's Representing at Ring of Fire

So pumped I had to let you guys know. Just packing and getting ready to fly out tomorrow morning with Team Tompkins members Brian MacEachern and TKO Canadian Superlightweight Champion Mark 'the Machine' Hominick. We're going to watch Duane 'Bang' Ludwig win the ISKA Word Muay Thai title. This could easily be the Striking fight of the year. Oh and Bas is gonna be there......

Talk to ya when we get back,


Have fun !

Tell Bas I like his haircut :)


Have a great time man, say Hi to Sven for me. You should have the book I sent you in your mailbox when you return. Have a great time

Goodluck Team Tompkins

GET ME LUDWIG'S AUTOGRAPH ON A PROGRAM! damn it... I'm too late, he's already gone.