Cant sleep

Hello Scott, after class i sometimes cant sleep. I feel like my whole body is "buzzed" and i sometimes dont remember sleeping at all. Anything i can do?


Thanks for taking the time, and sorry for the delay on my part. What I meant from not remembering that I slept was basicly looking over at the clock at maybe 1:30, and then at maybe 5:00 and not sure if i woke up or if i was awake the whole time, or somewhere inbetween.

I get out of class at 8:30 and am home by 9, then I eat dinner. I may have some ice cream or another snak with sugar around 10. I watch tv, or come here sometimes till 11'ish, then bed. I get up at 7.

After class I just dont feel tired, I pushed myself tonight till the point of almost passing ut on the mat, and here it is almost 5 and I cant sleep again.


Thanks for the tips Scott. I will get back to you, thanks.