Can't wait for the Hendo/Fodor fight

How does everybody think Fodor will do?

I like Fedor alot but rooting for my all time favorite Hendo, i tuink Fedor will do great tough fight for both guys Phone Post


Im pretty damn excited about this fight as well. Not sure how Fedor will do though.

I think Hendo will take this in maybe the 2nd or 3rd round...

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c'mon son.


Yeah I can't wait for Fedor & Bendo to mix it up too


Bendo would win via gumbi power Phone Post

I really like both fighters but it would be really sad to see Fedor top off a 3 fight losing streak by losing to a guy who is a true middleweight.
I think this fight is going to be decided by whether or night Fedor can get Hendo to the ground. Obviously Henderson is a great wrestler but many fighters have taken him down. Fedor is an incredibly hard hitter but no one seems to fair very well when trading bombs with Henderson.

fodor fights at lightweight how the fuck would he be fighting hendo? 

I think hendo takes it.. Fedor just has not looked the same. Phone Post

Fedor should win by stoppage

 BRODO BY WHATEVA HE WANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think Fedor should take this one but Hendo's been looking good since getting beat by Shield's. Phone Post

Hendo's kind of in a holding pattern. Fedor's losing step after step. I really don't think he's going to bring the level of aggression he's going to need to win. In his prime, he lights Hendo up. Today- maybe not so much. Phone Post