Can't wait to see Thiago Silva

I am more of a fan of certain fighters that of the sport itself. When certain fighers like Tito or W Silva have a fight, I get excited to cheer them on. Most UFC cards don't excite me anymore as they are just too often and packed with people who I have never heard of.

Anyway, Thiago Silva is one of those fighters who I get excited for. I think he is going to pull it off as well.

 A very wise man you are.

You hear the homo running around here about how excited he is to see Vera's upper thighs in his thai shorts?

That's just disgusting.

How many times have we heard Vera claiming to be back to taking training seriously? He has said the exact same thing after every loss.

I expect him to go out, look just like he did in his last fights, lose, and get the boot.

Thiago Silva wins this with a 1st Rd KO.

 Vera seems like he has a good chin.  Thiago may not KO him...but he's 10x as aggressive as Vera.  I expect a relatively easy decision or late TKO.

I'd have to agree with you. Vera is a very tough and powerful dude. But Thiago possesses devastating KO ability and I can truly see him turning out the lights for Vera. Either way, I think we all know who is walking away with a "W".

 If Silva wasn't coming off of a major injury I'd have zero doubt.  I'm about 90 percent sure as is.

Three herniated discs is definitely a serious injury. Even with the rigorous physical therapy program to rehabilitate his back - Thiago still injured it a second time. However, let's not forget that Vera is returning for the first time since his multiple facial fractures he suffered in his loss to Jon Jones.