Can't watch the event tonight?

Why is if every time there's a new platform for the ufc I have to buy another fucking channel it's pretty hard for a die hard fan like me to even watch the events because I refuse to buy a channel so I can watch a couple of events live a year Phone Post 3.0

where do you have to buy another channel?

gonna be funny when you find out you already get the channel

I have FIOS in NJ, and the fights are on Fox Desportes...does that switch over to English-speaking when the fights come on, or will I be watching fights without the commentary, thereby ensuring that I agree with every decision?

If you have the channel speed? Phone Post 3.0

if you're not watching the fights you could at least respond to your thread.

forrestfan - where do you have to buy another channel?

not sure about the OP but Time Warner in the NKY/Cincy area doesn't include FS1 as part of the regular cable package as of today. I have to buy a package that costs another 14.95/mo to get it