capital jiu-jitsu in Alexandria VA

I am trying to find a place to train at and saw that Capital Jiu-jitsu was close to me. Does anyone know if it is any good or does anyone on here train there? I would like to know a little about the place from some of the people that train there. Thanks.

One Spirit Martial Arts in Herdon is also very good, offers both BJJ and Muay Thai

Thanks for the Yamasaki plug, I Drink Man Juice.

I teach and train at the Yamasaki Academy.  We have 4 locations in the DC area - one of which is in Alexandria / Springfield and is metro accessible.  Our website is

Jeremy Lafreniere runs the Capital Jiu Jitsu Royce affiliate.  Jeremy is a good guy and has a successful program. 

Lloyd Irvin has an academy in Arlington that is run by BJJ and vale tudo fighter Jeff Ruth. 

The best thing to do is to check out several places and find out which one fits your needs the best.