Caption the pic

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Tag team back again!!!

my chin is bigger than her ass matt, no mine is is pat.

"Very Christian tought's"

"GODDAMN I have a red face." -Hughes

Yo Matt, you still got big Tims syringe in your left hand.

"Maybe GSP won't see us back here..."

"Talk to me. Pat talk to me."

Hey Pat, was I not suppost to do this in the fight with GSP and I.

maybe she farted and matt's holding his breath but pat actually likes it


"Horn looks different from behind"

ROTFLOL....great one


"Aren't you sick of seeing people re-post this pic on the UG?"

I haven't seen it before so I dont actually care :)

So that is what a female ass looks like.

I think I may go for the rear crotch instead of the single...

 BlueBallDragonUK  you're about as funny as a car crash.


Now that's what I call a country breakfast.

I almost did'nt recognize him without his army of one jesus t-shirt on, I guess he only wears that