Caption this pic

11 more days.............SOCOM3

"boxer tries to eat glove"

That man is FAT!!!

"In a rather alarming turn of events... the title fight for ""Battle Over The Brownie 3"" involved two guys who were lactose intolerant.  After finding out the fat man dropped his hands and took the loss... so he wouldnt have to be shitting for a whole week."

" He has a six pack! "

he looks like he swallowed a sixpack


This was me before I took Relacore.

"It was so hot in the ring a boxer actually MELTED tonight!"

Johnson's infamous headbutting the glove technique caught in action.

"and Leon's getting larger"

This is what i do to fat guys....

"In other news, President Bush is now pitting the fat homeless black refugees against each other for a chance to win a home."

Fatty MC fat-"thanks to you Mr. Bush I can have a real Garage to call my own"

-Devon Christian reporting.