Carano vs Cyborg NYC presser vid

On July 14, 2009, Gina Carano and Cris Cyborg came to the Wamu Theatre at Madison Square Garden in NYC to talk about their headlining match on Showtime on August 15. The Fight Nerd was there to catch all the great soundbytes so here are a few highlights of the event. Get ready to be Caranown3d!

If anybody wants to embed the vid, please feel free to, thanks for watching!


 awesome, i didn't get to watch any of it yesterday.  thanks!!!!


well gina was wearing that jacket the entire presser but there are other vids out there of her training after the conference. they have different builds for sure tho.

ttt for those who want to see gina's hawtness


Gina is indeed blessed by me. She is HOTTT!!! I hope she wins.

plus according to the interview, she gives guys a good lickin' too :P
im not gonna let her live that quote down, thats for sure!

damn Gina is cute