Cardio Kboxing tips?

I need money, i hate selling out, but unfortunately i gotta do it. I'd like to at least use some of scrappers stuff in it but i'd like to get a few tips about a cardio boxing/kickboxing class for chicks, guys and elderly types.

I have some ideas but i wanna make sure it flows.

Sure some of you guys have some experience.

Thanx a bunch guys

I'm using the tapes from Ras Butten.

each strike is finished with the opposite knee or kick. he calls out a number and you do that many straight punches up to 4.


Bas: "3"

Then you: Left, Right, Left....right knee or kick.

He incorporates: left/right hooks, liver shots, right/left straights and various knees and combos (ie., 10 right knees...10 left knees....5 right knees and left hook- right straight.....left hook - right upperct...etc)

No push kicks

Not sure if this is what you are looking for...but my .02.

thanx bro its helpful!!

personally I wouldn't recommend doing a cardio or fitness program

I mean, what do you get out of it?

Sure you get to work out along with them, keeping in shape and having fun

Sure, you make money, lots of it

Sure, you get hot women to hand around your gym every day, wearing almost nothing

So, really, why would anyone want to do it?

Make them all buy handwraps and wear them during class even though they won't hit anything. Also wear gay spandex pants and talk about wacky philosophy.

also, you may want to have a beginner and advanced class. give the beginner classes 2 min rounds , and 3 min rounds for the advanced...let both rest for 30 - 1min in between rounds.

Handwraps is a good idea as indicated by Roachyroach.