I'm going to start training on Tuesday. My question is what kind of cardio training should I do. Running, jumping rope, I guess what I'm asking for is some type of program to get me started.

run 1-2 miles as hard as you can

do 40-60 meter sprints (sprinting one way, jogging back) for the length and number of rounds that you will be fighting

Thanks Chris. How many times a week?

grapple, grapple, grapple, and more grapple. Create a lot of scrables when rolling with your training partner. Flow grapple, making sure your always moving.

great adice by reindhardt. the best conditioning for wrestling and fighting is....wrestling and fighting. its so basic, people forget it and get caught up all kinds fads and BS.

other stuff will help, but this is the core of your training.

Jason, that's the problem. There's not any grapplers in my area that I can train with on a regular basis. I'm just trying to get back into fighting form on my own until I can relocate somewhere. So I'm going to be my own trainer and am looking for cardio programs.

I'm going to TTT my own thread. I need all the advice I can get.

Head to the strength and conditioning ground, it's under the xyience general forums tab, there are a bunch of trainers on there.

Thanks man.

do lots and lots of kata.

j/k. running is way underrated IMHO.

1. Jump rope, five-3 minute rounds...

2. Wind sprints. 100 yds sprint, walk back...repeat this 5-10 times

3. push ups.

4. jab cross, sprawl...throw the combo and sprawl out, repeat either for reps or time (2-3 minutes).

5. low pop squats, hold squats, high pop squats

6. alternating lunges.

7. focus mit drills.

8. thai pad drills.

9. harness sprint drills, either harness or parachute.

10. thai bag sprawl drills, throw a right leg high kick then sprawl. repeat 10 times, then switch can do this with punch combos.

11. thai bag lunges, high knees, or jog. I take a 120lb thai bag and put is on my shoulders, do those drills around my gym. Then I drop it and do mount strikes, knee in belly strikes, half mount hammer fists, elbows, knees.

12. side step shuffle, right then left leg leads. crouch into a squat and do side step shuffles leading on the right leg, after a minute switch to left leg leading, repeat for time.

13. 30 second punch out drills on focus mits, if you don't have a person to hold the mits, use the thai bag. Simply rep out a 30 second flurry of jab cross, then 30 of hooks, 30 of upper cuts....

14. make an x on the floor with your feet, start shoulder width apart and start making the x, so it's feet apart, jump forward with feet together, then forward feet apart, backwards together, backwards apart, keep this up for time.

15. high knees, in place or around the gym.

16. quick feet, sort of a wrestling drill. you sort of jog in place at a quick pace, with short chopping steps, lifting the foot just a few inches off the ground at a very fast pace.

17. hand weight punching drills, I take a 10lb weight either walking forward or standing still, throw 100 jab crosses, 100 hooks, 100 upper cuts.

18. medicine ball, knee tucks. I take the medicine ball, hold it at chest level and quickly do knee tucks to my chest. My upper body and medicine ball do not change levels. I just bring my knees to my chest quickly and land softly, not hard.

19. pop squats over the medicine ball or cone. always landing softly on each side, you squat, pop over the cone and land soft, repeat to the other side.

20. shadow box.

21. backwards jog, run forward for lapse, then run backwards for same amount of laps.

22. line drills, lay out  a jump rope and do speed switches with your feet over the rope without touching it. also do side to side hops over the rope without touching it. And quick feet over the rope without touching it.

23. wall squats. take a seated wall squat (ala Luke Cummo in TUF2). Increase intensity by holding  a medicine ball or weight.

24. wall climbs. grab a medine ball, tuck it to your chest, take a low squat against the wall, and shimy your back up the wall, keeping the medicine ball buried in your chest, repeat for reps.

25. bag drills. Take a smaller heavy bag (60 lbs) or a thai bag and lay it on the floor in front of a hanging thai bag. Do a punch or kick combo, then immediatley drop down to pick up the heavy bag, hoisting it onto your shoulder and set it down again. You can also pick the bag up and run to the opposite end of the gym with it on your shoulder then back to the hanging thai bag and set the bag down, and repeat for reps or time.

I just ordered (have not yet recvd) a book that will heavily influence my work out regimen: "Never Gymless" The reviews are spectacular; I highly recommend you check it out at

Thanks guys. TTT

Email me rollins i will send you a routine.


3x per week