carlos newton is fucking cool, good job on otr...

Train hard Carlos! Shah Franco MA

Congrats on finding love. You'll bounce back, you always do.

Team Showdown will never jump off the Carlos Newton bandwagon!!!

You are a true pioneer to Canadian MMA and deserve the utmost respect and benefit of the doubt in every fight. We cannot wait to see you back in the ring and can't wait to see the terror you will be able to unleash.

If there's anything we can do, let myself, Danny, Mike or Paul know.

All the best Carlos!!!

Cool post man, you'll be back better than ever.

Thanks Carlos! I'm sure we'll all be here cheering your next victory!

carlos is the man!!

wayne-o, where is tillers boxing club located at?

By the look in your eyes you didnt seem yourself Carlos,nobody did that night..
youl be back

Tillers is in Ajax it is just straight up boxing, he's a nice guy and a good amature boxing coach. If you want striking for MMA visit Shah Francos. Put the gloves on with Shah and it won't take you long to see that you're in the right place!!

Carlos, I'm sure Esfiha would love to have you at our gym and roll with you.

Showdown and Grand Row Sports will always support you %100.

Take care and train hard.

Mike "The Shooter's Shooter" McNeil.

anyone that takes Pele's knee head on and then taps Pele out in the same round is okay by me.

hey carlos
it's matthew (student of scott schilling)
if you need someone heavier to spar with (220+)
myself and some other members of the team would be happy to roll as some of us are preparing to step into the mma circuit.
matthew mcdonld

you're the man carlos

Karmarep is Bang on.

Carlos will always be the man

ttt for Carlos.

Class act all the way! I thought the same thing about your weight seeing you were huge against Renzo! You're a role model for so many of us fighter here in Canada and around the world. You are always an added value to any card you are on, even when you are fighting my instructor and win! (Renzo) :o)

Take care and I look forward to seeing you fight again real soon!




Carlos, I haven't seen you since September but hey dude, very classy post. Lisa and I will always be cheering you on. Your fan base here in the army still root for ya !
Anyways I talked to Tim when I was home, he gave me a quick up date on whats happening with ya. Hope fully I'll be able to train with you and Tim again in April ? Cheers. See ya, Rick "army sergeant" Waechter.
PS I haven't forgotten those 800 squats either...

It looks like Lindland just challenged Carlos on the main UG. That would be interesting to see with Carlos at a more comfortable weight. Carlos could take a page out of Bustamante's book and beat him at his own takedown game. Technically, Lindland was subbed twice in that match.