Carlos Machado & Jeremy "Gerbil" Arel Inside BJJ

Tim, Ryan, and Ernest sit down with the legendary 8th Degree Black Belt Professor Carlos Machado to talk about Rolls Gracie, coming to the United States to teach Jiu-Jitsu, meeting Chuck Norris for the first time, BJJ in MMA, and the Five Brothers Training camp. Ernest asks Carlos rumors about Jar Jar Binks and why the Machado Brothers always make the scariest faces in pictures. Jeremy Arel, the Gerbil, hosts the Jiu-Jitsu tips segment and explains the nuts and bolts behind the "position before submission" theory for Jiu-Jitsu.

Don't miss this great episode with the legend Professor Carlos Machado and BJJ tutorial master Jeremy

Inside BJJ with Carlos Machado 

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Doh!!!! Here's the correct link. Phone Post  

 Great podcast.  I love the bit about the mean machado face.

Ozzimandias -  Great podcast.  I love the bit about the mean machado face.

I always wanted to ask them about it. I passed it to Ernest during the rumors segment because it seemed like a more appropriate place to ask. Machado Bros are legends. REally happy to speak with Carlos.


Great interview! I love the history!

Subbed for later. Much love and respect for Carlos. Phone Post