Carlson Gracie Jr.?

Who checked out the seminar? Anyone get to roll with him? Can't believe nobody posts this kind of stuff here. Where is the school?

Carlson was here all last week. He didn't have a public seminar this time. He basically taught bjj class at Gold's gym in Maite all last week and promoted some students. He chowed on BBQ Guam style and hung out too. Good times.

It was an honor to see him again and he will be back in January for the PXC.

-Embalmer (brand new blue)

Embalmer, thanks for the response. It would be great to have all the heads make it for a tournament. Congrats on your blue!

Hey Norm,

Congrats on your blue belt. How is Gabe doing? Thanks for looking out for my friend Mario from San Diego. He said that he had a great time. Hopefully, I will make it back home soon.