Carlson Gracie Team Buffalo, NY

I have direct orders from Carlson Gracie Sr to open an academy in Buffalo, NY
I hope you guys are ready to train.

I have two students that go to college at SUNY Fredonia and Buff State that need a place to train during school. Please let me know when you have your location up and running -



move it further south!!!!

like binghamton area..

Brian, my Jamestown Academy is only 25 miles from Fredonia. I think we spoke of this guy once before but he has never came by to train. He is definately welcome though and I will let everyone know when the Buffalo Academy is open.

27CrazyFeet, sorry but no plans for Binghampton yet.Feel free to train with us in Jamestown though.

RyuKyu Damashi, Nope didn't clear it with anyone other than Carlson Sr. Just want to offer those who want to train a place to do so. Everyone is welcome to visit and train one free class at my Academies and decide for themselves if they may benefit from training with us. BTW, I've been to the only places in Buffalo that even claim to teach BJJ and trained with them. As far as BJJ goes, Buffalo is no ones domain. Thats what made me start training in Chicago in the first place. No worries though Buffalonians, Carlson Gracie Team is coming soon!



JJJA, I am a brown belt from Carlson's team (under Rey Diogo), and I travel often to Buffalo. I look forward to meeting you!


BTW, we are rolling this friday

Any chance of getting Carlson up for a seminar?


i think that guy was being sarcastic about buffalo being that other dude's domain....

good luck.


Andre, you are always welcome. I would love to train with you guys at Reys next time I'm in Cali.

BloodyKnucks, we'll be there Friday at 6. See ya then.

Portuguese2002, I can literally get Carlson Sr. to come and do a seminar here anytime I want. The only thing stopping me is that I want to make sure the turnout is worth his time.



27CrazyFeet, who are you? i also live in the binghamton area, the closest place to us is in syracuse w/ ken kronenberg (tai-kai machado brown belt)

binghamton definitely needs a school here!!

ttt and good luck w/ your new school in Buffalo!

where about are we talking? i'm in hamburg which is too south for St. Catherines and too north for Jamestown 

good luck

I will try to visit the school in buffalo when i get a chance..

please let me know ifyou plan on doing any seminars i can bring a few people with me..

you can contact me at

I live closer to scranton Pa and train down there. I have trained in syracuse but that was a LONG time ago.

JJJA is a cool guy and knows his stuff.