Carlson Gracie team in Rio

Hey, what's up with Carlson's team in Rio? They used to be on the top before the BTT guys split. Now we hardly ever see Carlson Gracie Team on the BJJ comp results or MMA.

Any up and coming fighters? Any of you been training in Carlson's Copa academy?

I can shed some light...

I trained there for close to 5 months (over three trips).

The instruction there is great. You have Ari Galo in the mornings teaching a very sport oriented game, Allan teaching the more sport stuff in the afternoon and late night, and Saporito teaching a more complete expression of jiujitsu in the evening.

The problem is that instruction isnt the only thing that makes a team. 99% of the really good guys left when BTT was formed. A loss like that can kill a team, and in some ways it did. There are still guys that compete, but they all do it as recreation rather than a career like the former students. The tough guys left to continue to train with the tough guys.

The school has some guys that are technical wizards who would do really well if they were more focussed on competition. One of them is a guy named Daniel Cristophe. He's an amazing black belt who is totally dedicated to completing medical school. He rarely has time to train, but when he shows up he still cleans the mat with everyone else.

Another guy is Wilson. He was a brown belt when I first met him, but he should be a black by now. The guy has the best sweeps Ive ever seen. Amazing stuff. His problem is that he is a bit too dedicated to partying and his successful business...If he were to dedicate himself I have no doubt he would be a top contender.


Thanks for a nice report, Andre.

"a more complete expression of jiujitsu"

That sounds poetic. :)




Hey there Andre,

Was the wilson a Big guy??? just trying to figure out if its the same wilson who is a brown belt @Carlson's british school.


Hey! No, he isnt that big. Maybe 87kg. I dont know if you consider that big, but its about my size and I dont think Im too big. :)

I have spoken to different Carlson Gracie academy members about this and here is some of the back ground on it all. Most everyone knows about the split up of the team so I wont go into that plus I don’t think it’s my place to comment on it.

A few years ago Carlson did used to enter a team into a lot of different comps especially the major ones including the Mundial’s. He was not happy with the way some of these major comps were run ( I will not go into details) and tried to boycott with the backing of the other teams but when push came to shove the other teams were not willing to go through with it. Anyway guy’s from the team still compete like myself with there backing and both Carlson Gracie Sr and Jr still attend the Mundials if they are in Brasil at the time.

As Andre has stated, splits can break a team but even though some of Carlson’s best guy’s left a lot still remained. With the help of these loyal team members the team will not and has not totally broken down. The current instructors at Carlson’s academy in Copacabana Brasil are doing a great job of keeping things going over there and they are still producing high quality students, While both Sr and Jr are now trying to rebuild the team bigger and stronger than ever, but this all takes time.

I am very proud to be involved in this process of rebuilding the Carlson Gracie Jiu-jitsu team and look forward to helping to create these new champions. There are new Carlson students that are taking up the challenge of Vale tudo with some success so keep an eye out for these guy’s in major MMA events in years to come. The Jiu-jitsu team in the US is also growing bigger as is my team over here in Australia; it is an exciting time to be involved in this new generation of Carlson Gracie Jiu-jitsu. If you believe that things happen for a reason or that you make the most of any given situation this is now a chance to spread the Carlson Gracie style of Jiu-jitsu around the world, so maybe the split needed to happen for the team to grow world wide. Just a thought!!

Both Carlson Gracie Sr and Jr are now looking forward to the future with there new team but which ever way you look at it BTT is in all case and purposes Carlson Gracie Jiu-jitsu. You can see so many MMA fighters from different teams today that can trace back there lineage to Carlson.

Look to the future we will be back bigger and stronger than ever.


Ben Hall

Carlson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu


Great post, Ben.

Do you ever make it out to Los Angeles? If so, please stop by our school!

Gday Andre, I am in LA nearly every year but usually just as a stop over to my next destination. I have spent time in LA but usually to recover from a long trip, Australia is along way from any where. Maybe next time I am going to see Carlson in Chicago I will drop in on the way back or I could stay a couple of days on my way back from Brasil. Send me your email address so if I make any planes I can get some info from you.


Ben Hall

Carlson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu



Sounds great! I have an extra room that you are more than welcome to!

I'll email you soon.




Hey guys,

Just to let u know ,The Bjj Revolution team was founded by Rodrigo medeiros and is totally committed to Carlson Gracie and very active in Bjj competitions in USA and Canada as far as i know, therefore Carlson Gracie jiu-jitsu influence is present and will ever be.

I was watching old tapes of Daniel Christoph when he was a blue and purple and he looked like he was gonna be one of the greats. He had a great match with Renato Miragai. Its good that he still does bjj, I thought he just quit.

I have a funny story about me and Daniel Cristophe. He showed up one day and Saporito took me aside and told me all about him. He said that the guy is a phenom and could be a world champ if his mind was on BJJ instead of school. He said that although the guy rarely trains, he always comes in and cleans up house.

He then asked me to spar with him starting on the feet. He told me that the fight wouldnt last 30 seconds once it got to the ground (I was a purple belt at the time).

We started standing, he dropped to half guard and swept me over in one movement. As soon as we landed, he grabbed my arm and locked out the kimura before I even realized we were on the ground. I THINK it took 10 seconds. lol!