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Wuz up Ladies AND Gentleman, It Is Rock1 . I Was Away For Awhile Securing a Good location to teach, but I'M BACK NOW! I am a 4STRIPE BLUE UNDER THE GRACIES(ROYCE AND RODRIGO)(soon to be purple in jan.),6yrs.& counting muay thai-dan king(NC)(adjarn chai),soon to be level 1 and 2 Army combatives certified. I train with team-roc/fayettville/chapel hill. I teach at a place call competive edge in florence. It is the Mecca for all those who want to learn authenic bjj, authenic muay thai, and mixed martial arts. The trainers here are certified with the NCSA and specifically train athletes who wants functional qualities. Contact 843.319.3006 for details.
Ty Jordan Carolina Combat Sports Academy

What's your class schedule?

call me for detail information. I work rotating schedule, but I will be teaching 3 nights a week from 7-9pm. also open mat on sat. mornings(10-12). the times I can't teach in the evening, whoever wants to train in the a.m. I will do so. So the schedule will be pretty much the same each week.

I think you call me before. I called you back but the number was not working. Casey Oxendine says he knows you. My doors are open to you and whoever wants instruction.


Ty 843.319.3006

Hey, what's up John? I live if florence. Just a little additional info about myself. Recently I was promoted head boxing coach at a boxing gym here in florence. My Muay Thai is authetic, straight from adjarn chai of thai boxing of usa. I believe in two ways of teaching muay thai. 1st way is from a regular muay thai striker point of view and 2nd from a mma point of view. My teachings are very detail. Muay Thai is more than just a bunch of punch-kick combo's put together. I place just as much emphasis on recovery after an attack using footwork and body movement than just straight all out combo's. If you want, bring me in to train a couple of your guys and you be the judge for yourself.

Thanks, and hope to here from you soon.

Ty Jordan
Carolina Combat Sports Academy

So what day's do you teach at night bro?



?????????????????? lol

SSL! to respond. to anwser your ????????? Mon.-thurs and sat. mornings. I'll be at a new location in 2 wks.

Ty give me a call when you open up.Looking forward to training w/ you.


LOL......SSL?...... I wasn't trying to rush your answer bro.. I was just wondering the times.