Carter Williams

Is going to be the biggest thing K-1 in two years.

He definately has the youth, talent and the personality. He could be on his way to being the next American kickboxing legend.

He already is, he is young and powerful as hell..Mcdonald was awesome but the newer generation is taking over


He'll be the most talked about person on the forum in one year. Someone keep this quote so I can look good next Jan.

And he does NHB

Agreed. He can take a punch and give them out as well.

He is good and seems to be the real deal.

I don`t know about him and MMA. Too bad he got DQ`ed because he was on the way to the championship and a lot of people missed out on seeing how good he is.

I like his training and attitude towards fighting and he seems to be a nice guy and not someone with a big mouth who talks too much or another over rated K-1 fighter.

He did get a lot bigger between the last few times I saw him and says it was all natural training that put on the weight. I don`t know but he sure got big quick and you know that it brings up the steroid question for lots of forum members. I can`t tell that it helped any at this point anyway.

the size has taken away from his aggressiveness. he's not as active.

I totally disagree Kosta. If you watched that fight with him and Sefo he actually looked more aggresive.

I think he looked more aggresive kos...his kicks looked harder and he looked meaner..but was patient so I see your point in that

I think Carter Williams is being featured in this month's issue of Inside Kung Fu, showing some of his techniques.

No fooling. Inside Kung Fu is crazy for K-1 and has lots of coverage on it.