Casca Grossa Represents at K-1 :)

It was awesome to see Casca-Grossa represented at tonight's K-1 via quarterfinal winner Mark Selbee.  I noticed the Casca-Grossa patch on Mark's fight shorts.

TTT for Team CG.


It's a shame he pulled out to injury but he didn't look to bad in his first fight.

Really? I thought that he looked very akward. He ate a lot of leg kicks, but did some good damage with body kicks.

Selbee did actually look good and the more K-1 allows him to compete with the big dawgs, the more he'll sharpen up.  You could obviously tell he is a TKD-er but he used good motion strategy and landed some solid body shots.  The leg shots he ate will only help him to adjust to the K-1 format in the future.  Of course, any K-1 fighter will eat some leg kicks but Selbee will adjust very well, IMO.

I thought he did great and he got the win.

TTT for Selbee and Casca-Grossa.    

His punches weren't real powerful but that will come with time. 

TTT for Selbe one hell of a fighter and all around good guy.............hell he should be on the cover of GQ not slinging leather ............Congrats you made US and Velocity proud.....

Selbee ROCKS!!


So happy to hear that Mark won his debut fight. Trust me when I tell you, there is power behind Mark's punches.

Great job bro!!!

I will look forward to seeing him fight in K-1 again. 

TTT for Georgia Fighters and CG.

F-15 call me.......


This weekend Mark Selbee to represent at K-1.......

Good luck .......................