casual sneakers w/ jeans?

frens it's that time of the quarter again: refresh sneaker inventory.

do these work for casual w/ jeans?


those look like the practical brown shoes of a bull dyke.

Those look good for casual shoes. I prefer Nike SB shoes for a casual look. Comes in loads of colors and designs. Still can't post pics yet. :( Phone Post 3.0

gdi freitas really?

FCTV808 - 

gdi freitas really?

I'm having a bad week.

Everyone is the enemy.

figured you would approve. lol

Clothing, shoes and fashion?
Why didn't you ATTN Sgt Slaphead in the title? Phone Post 3.0

he's another duck dynasty roll model.

what about this one?

FCTV808 - 

what about this one?

not sure those go with classic blue jeans. flat/slim shoes look better with euro pants. blue jeans match better with classic sneakers, like the Chuck Taylor and its many variations. PF Flyers too. Or even retro Adidas.

gdi i hate the chuck taylor look.

My favorite shoes. And they come in many colors. Phone Post 3.0

good lord

PF Flyers...




Zara for men...






Ecco is comfortable. This is what drives my shoe selection. Comfort.

just bought these.

aldo looks good pat

You are going to look like a European footballer!

cool, i'd like to pick up an onion smller w/ hairy armpits and big tits. mahalo