Catch Wrestling Seminar This Month

Anyone here going to the catch seminar in LA at the end of the month?

I am going and am can't wait.

Jake- any cool things we can hope to see?

Cool! Who is this? :)

Well, since Josh had to pull out due to obligations to fight in the Pride show on the 26th (FYI: I sent an email to attendees as soon as this came to our attention) you will be getting more quality coaching time from Fujiwara (a full afternoon more). This is a good thing. I was worried about packing in too much info into two days but this should give everyone a chance to get quality time with both Fujiwara and Toyohiko Ishikawa.

Also be ready to learn some cool stuff from Dick Cardinal. I am really looking forward seeing his bag of tricks. This stuff has never been seen by our generation ANYWHERE before.

As a special thank you, everyone who attends this seminar will get a discount off of our next seminar this summer. I will be announcing the line-up for our summer clinic at the Fujiwara Submission Master event. ;^)


My name is Eric. I think I was one of the first to sign up for the seminar when it was announced. I am really excited about it and excited to learn from a legend. Also, the opportunity to meet and roll with different people.

That is awesome we get more time with Fujiwara. I just bought his submission DVDs and need to watch them before the seminar so I can have a refresher on the info at the seminar.

See you there.


please realize that, in my humble opinion, you will be learning from the greatest shooter Dick Cardinal. Please soak up whatever knowledge you can from this man...they don't make em like that anymore.


I am semi new to the catch wrestling area and only know of Fujiwara and Carl Gotch. Who is Dick Cardinal? Any info about him would be great and any readings would be cool also.


I had the same question and started a thread about it. I will bump it up now. It should help to answer your questions.

I will also be at the seminar, and spending a week at hayastan and on the beach in Santa Monica. My first real vacation as an adult. FINALLY!

I am EXTREMELY jealous of you guys :0(

Dick Cardinal is in my opinion the greatest shooter you've never heard of. He was trained by Ben Sherman and August Sepp and Bud Anderson. Wrestled on the Carnivals for 10 years (everyday). He grew to be the equal of ben sherman on the mat. He never ventured out of the northwest, that is why he isn't well known. he had the last shoot match in the US in 1953 with Glen Detton. he weighed from 165-185. He also trained larry owings for the NCAA tournament in which he beat Dan Gable. he and billy wicks have been the most essential element in my understanding of old time catch wrestling.

Im very jealous, and wish I could be going

Only cost 1300 for the whole package, room and all. You could be there!

Actually Glenn is a sponsored Scientific Wrestling fighter so he gets in the event free >;^).

Let me tell you guys, there are only 20 guys coming (some from as far as Sweden) to get 2 days of REAL catch training from real catch wrestlers. I just hope all 20 will go back to their clubs to share what they learn!

Wow! Only 20 guys coming! I feel lucky. Also, since I am so close I don't have to pay for travel charges. :)

I am SO glad this is being done. Until now has anyone ever been afforded the opportunity to learn from both Fujiwara and Cardinal? As for Josh Barnett, surely everyone understands that there is an assumed risk in attending a seminar of an "active" fighter. I have been scheduled to attend several seminars in the past that were canceled because a fight came up.(Good luck Josh)It was nice that everyone was personally contacted in advance however. Great to see Ishikawa added to the mix. TTT for a real Catch event.

I wish my shoulder was healed up (Rotator Cuff surgery) as I would like to have gone to this one.

I love to learn from D carnival
and would he ever make intruction dvd so people like me can learn his style Jake?

We will be filming his clinic as well so people can see his stuff if they so desire.

You made my day
That would be great Jake
really looking forward for that

Do you have an outline or an agenda for the seminar?