Cato Fund

Brandon Cato, the gardendale wrestler who broke his neck a few weeks ago, just had surgery to repair his neck. The surgery went well and now the family is struggling with the costs of the procedure.

I am getting donations together to make a contribution to their family's medical fund. I have already contributed, but I wanted to see if everyone here on the board would get behind this. I will be taking donations for the next week and will be making a deposit to the fund in the name of the AL forum.

If you would like to donate, either give me the money in person or send a check to me at:

Seth Waggener

501 danton lane

irondale, al 35210

Or if you would like to contribute on your own you can go to any of the area regions bank branches. The donation I will be making will just be listed as AL forum.

just saw this-ttt

Word. I broke my femur in middle school and the school insurance was not worth the $.32 piece of paper it was printed on. I had a $40K bill at 14 years old. I am still paying it too. Could you guys donate to my fund?