cauliflower ear shirt?????

How and where do I get it????? I saw it on here, can a brother get some help please....

or you can send me $75.

Thanks guys much love.... danablanco if you can get me 4 XL shirts I will send you 120.00 thanks man JOKER

Add this one to your list, too: Ring Worm Gear

Thank EB where did u find that one? Perfect for me, I have the Deathstar sized one on my arm right now!!


Apologies bro, I was typing/reading TOO soon after waking up - thougth you were someone else.


It's a shop from town here. I've worked out with Todd Fuller before who is their sales rep. Anyway, I'm just supporting some friends. They have some other cool stuff. I wonder if I can talk them into some original MMA shirts, too.

Pig Bun- Hell ya I love watching fights.. where and when?

Ethan: He is one hell of a wrestler from the looks of it. Tell him he needs to make an MMA shirt!

Joker, make sure you get more than one of those shirts SONNNNN! it's my favorite shirt


Same here.. But they are out of my size!!!!! Shoot.. I need a darn XL.