CDN Online Gear Suppliers

Hoping to get a few links to some reputable CDN suppliers. Who hasn't been hosed by UPS with surprise brokerage fees more than doubling your order price. I used to live near a big city and shopped at the same store, now that I live up north I look for price and shipping charges.

So guys, who are your suggestions for a Thai bag?

 Where up north are you?

UPS Canada sucks.

I ordered Sprawl shorts and ended up paying the same amount as I paid for a koral gi because of all the extra fees. When they got to the door they wanted cash on delivery as well.

I will never click on the UPS Canada option for delivery. The first time I ordered sprawl shorts I clicked on the UPS ground option and didn't have to pay all the extra bs fees.

I know a place..... :)

With the american dollar going up, it can be cheaper to order from a Canadian online store. We don't have Thai Bags up on the site, but there's tons of other stuff.

Cool store, too. You should swing by if you're ever in Hamilton.

I'm in Fort St John BC, I used to shop at Golden Arrow or Bushido in Vancouver when I lived on the coast. Now I mail order.

There are tons of places to shop from online, just search mma gear or the item you want on google and make sure it's set to search canada....I like the smaller guys, cause they are trying to make a name for themselves, so I give them the chance.

I won some prizes last month from here and I ended up paying like $100 to customs for free merchandise classified on the package as a "gift".

I prefer to make a drive and pick out  my gear. That way you know exactly what you're getting too.