Oh a fucking roll

Next up:

JAKE SHILEDS v. steve berger


Agreed, both Gilbert and Nick had great fights.

as will Jake "Hiroshima" Shields

looks like U the Tool since he just won the Rumble on the Rock 40,000 grand tourny a few months ago

he was supposed to fight the fight Diaz fought but the weight was to much to cut on such short a notice, but he said he has had many offers, including the UFC, so i think we will be seeing a lot of him

^thought it was $30k?anyways,wish him the best and ill be there to watch.also,weird to see him cornering nick while his protege gil was being cornered by nick bro nathan this weekend

well they are all boys so I guess they just end up where they are needed and it is going to work out best for everyone

I am intrested to see who corners Hiroshima in a couple of weeks.

I think the fianl prize was 30K but he got 10k just for entering

oh ok.thanks for clearing it up,hope jake kicks ass

Shields would have gotten much more credit for the ROTR if any of the big name guys had not choked (Trigg and Charuto) or gotten DQd (Silva).

Lot of decisions though for that guy..


if they didn't choke?

they lost, Jake won

He was in the same tourny as they were and he beat the people who beat them

there is a reason people call him HIROSHIMA

why is he called hiroshima

It's not Jake's fault that the good competition choked. Jake had a great showing.

Let's call a spade a spade here though.

3 big names were in the tourney, Frank Trigg, Charuto and Anderson Silva.

Jake beat Menne, who everyone agrees has fallen pretty far, Condit (which is impressive because the guy must have had a ton of confidence after walking through Charuto) and a super close fight with Okami.

If he subs the big three, everybody would be rightly talking about him. Even if he just pulls out decisions against those 3, people would really be talking. By the luck of the draw though, Jake doesn't get to fight any of the 3, and doesn't stop anyone in the tourney.


Wow and I thought Chuck Liddell was the luckiest man alive but I guess it is Hiroshima Shields.

Shields is a beast. Also fighting on the same card of him are cesar gracie fighters Moses Baca, Dan Marks, and Randy Spence. Big weekend for team graciefighter

I think the Gracie Fight team will sweep this event. They are a team of mutant fighting cyborgs from the future that mutant fighting cyborgs in the future will be judged by.

Hiroshima Shields 1 Jesus 0

I'm not saying Shield wasn't impressive and won the tourney on luck.

I'm saying Shields missed out on a legit shot into vaulting into top 5 territory.


TTT for the GracieFighter's Team!!


solid group of guys

Im a Shields fan.

The more I think about it, "Hiroshima" is bothering me as a nickname.

I don't know everything about Japanese culture, but isn't that in the same ballpark as a fighter going by "Auschwitz"? That would be a serious, serious issue.


well since Hiroshima is the site of an American victory over Japan and Auschwitz is the site where the Nazi's attempted genocide I don't think they are even the same sport let alone the same ball park.

but that is not what this thread is about, that is a discussion for the OG, this thread is about Jake (if that makes you more comfortable) and the rest of the Gracie Fighters kicking ass September 9th at the Cow Palace