cecil peeps reffing ?

wtf is going on,maybe its better that he refs ,then he cant f up the scoring

He's been reffing for decades

my fault,first time i seen him reffing mma.always seen him as a judge

wasn't trying to pwn, or whatever, anyone. lol. Just was saying. 12, it does seem that we usually see him as a judge, but Peoples has in fact been both reffing and judging for a while.

better reffing than judging... then he has less chance of screwing
somebody over... although hes an f-ing terrible ref too b/c hes not
assertive in the ring... i mean if ur gonna buy a ticket to stand around and
watch, then sit out in the audience somewhere...

im not the smartest guy and i loved to be corrected,its made my life easy.i try to never forget my mistake,no matter how small.

Don't worry, I bet most of the people on here who criticize him didn't know that either.