Cedar Rapids, IA Event Sat?

Anyone know of a event in Cedar Rapids, IA tomorrow?

Main Stream MMA...i'll be there! We have Mike Hueser and Luke Johnson from MFS both fighting.

C'mon out Kirik!


I gotta ref for Kipp in NH Sat.


should be a great event. everyone should make the attempt if they can!

hoping for results!

Bergmeier is supposed to give me the play by play. I'll post what I get!

just got home, the show was great, venue was packed...really exciting fights in my opinion!

Of the top of my head:

Lennox over Sanders 1st round, nasty cut

Hueser over Dennis Reed armbar rnd 1

Erik Koch over Prentiss Wolf rnc rnd 1

Rod Montoya over ?? (not Cole Williams) rnd 1

Waylon Wolf over Hingten rnc rnd 1

Keoni Koch destroyed Frank Young

Grubb over ??? (not MiniVan) rnd 2

Johnson over Christian KO rnd 1

Kirby over Grigsby tko rnd 2

Lennox destroyed Hueser in under a minute to become the first Mainstream MMA middleweight champ

Strawn over Jefferson rnc rnd 1

results you want? results you shall have.

Jesse Lennox def. Andy Sanders 1st rnd, middleweight tournament

gnp domination 1st rnd.

Mise Hueser def Dennis Reed 1st rnd, middleweight tournament

Reed came out real solid got caught in an armbar.

Erik Koch def. Prentiss Wolf rnc

Erik rode his back like a leech landing punches before finishing.

Rod Montoya def. someone

can't really recall

Waylon Wolf def Aron Hingtgen 1st round rnc

Hintgen seems like a tough dude, dominated the standup before getting caught in rnc.

Keoni Koch def Frank Young 2nd rnc

Keoni put on a clinic, no other way to put it. Young showed a ton of heart staying in it as long as he did. Keoni showed he's a real force to be reckoned with against a very game opponent.

Tom Grubb def Duke Ousler 2nd ref stoppage strikes?

Grubb's a stud no doubt, Duke probably took the first round. Also took the fight on very short notice.

Luke Johnson def Devon Christian

Nathan Kirby def Chuck Grigsby 2nd stoppage strikes

Again can't really remember it too well I was getting fighters ready backstage, I do remember Kirby landing some good punches and Grigsby looking very much "on the ropes" in the 1st. He showed a lot of heart bouncing back before getting finished.

Jesse Lennox def Mike Hueser 1st KO

Lennox's standup proved dominant real crisp punches. He has very heavy hands, I know from experience. The fashion at which he KO'd him was very impressive. Noone deserves the Belt more than him Congrats.

John Strawn def Vern Jefferson 1st rnc

John also looked very impressive.

Good night of fights, I know the guys from Hybrid Faction worked very hard and it showed going 4-1. No doubt in my mind Devon will bounce back after this loss and be even better because of it.

Well, that's pretty much the night as I remember it. Again, I was warming guys up so some of it might be incorrect but it's pretty close.

Almost forgot, get Jesse Lennox in the UFC already!!!!!!

Jesse Lennox def. Andy Sanders 1st rnd, middleweight tournament

Jesse picked a kick and took him down instantly. On the ground he started dropping those razor elbows and split open Andys head quickly. Cut was bad and wasnt going to get any better anytime soon. Stoppage via destruction of the forehead. The cut was sick. Looked like someone cut into a rare steak.

Mike Hueser def Dennis Reed 1st rnd, middleweight tournament

Reed came out and suprised some people. Took Hueser who looked to be very powerful down and started some G&P. Hueser stayed very composed and caught Reed with two armbars that Reed pulled both out of and continued to swing. Hueser then slapped on a tighty and that was all she wrote. Clean armbar sub.

Erik Koch def. Prentiss Wolf rnc

My bro came out with a one two jab cross that sent Prentiss back into the cage with a bloody nose. There Erik used his clinch game to whip Prentiss to the ground where he immediately took Prentiss's back. Erik landed shots from under the arm and the side of the head while trying to land the RNC. He had is sunk and a game fighter in Prentiss continued to get out of the submission. Erik switched up to a figure four body lock and finished with a back crank/RNC in the first round. Erik is 18 years old, he has fought some solid comp from solid camps and for all intents dominated every single fight. Kick ass bro!

Rod Montoya vs Opponent

Forgot who he fought, at this point I was getting warmed up but I remember watching the megatron a couple times and it looked as if Montoya was really dominating position and strikes. I know Rod won pretty clearly.

Waylon Wolf def Aron Hingtgen 1st round rnc

Hingtgen came out to bang. From what I recall landed some good shots that bloodied up a game Waylon. None the less, Waylon hung in improved his position and took the clean RNC victory.

Keoni Koch def Frank Young 2nd rnc

I got kneed in the nutz unintentionally twice. That sucked. On the way out beer area a drunk lady in her late thirties screamed right next to me as I walked by "You suck! You fucking suck! You got fucking lucky" I said "Thanks!....your a classy lady!" and gave her the thumbs up and a smile. My hats off to Frank Young a very good guy as where all of his camp. It was very exciting to get in and have my first fight against a member of Militech Camp, a camp I have respected and cheered on for years. It was an honor to fight him.

Tom Grubb def Duke Ousler 2nd ref stoppage strikes?

Tom Grubb comes out lands a straight left and smashes Duke in the nose. Beautiful punch. Duke shoots dazed and cant get Tom down. Tom gets Duke in a Guillotine and literally lifts him off the ground like three feet in the air and holds him there for like thirty seconds. Duke ends up getting Tom down but Tom nicely avoids G&P by keeping Duke at distance. Second Rd Duke went for a kneebar which Tom got out of and started landing some big shots and overwhelmed Duke. Hats off to Duke, looks to be a great wrestler who took a fight on very short notice. Felt sorry for Grubb, his opponent changed 5 times, cant say I blame them though Tom is a badass.

Luke Johnson def Devon Christian

Luke came out swinging heavy leather early and often. Devon landed a couple good leg kicks and a couple body kicks but Luke timed his entrances nicely off the kicks and came at all angles. He eventually dazed Devon against cage and the fight was over. I am very proud of Devon, Luke is the real deal. Devon will bounce back better than ever like so many fighters do.

Nathan Kirby def Chuck Grigsby 2nd stoppage strikes

Jesus this was a barn burner. Kirby came out distancing with kicks. Both men throw big shots little of which land. Eventually Kirby hits a one two that wabbles Chuck. They go to the ground and Grigsby lands a HUGE elbow. (This is what I heard anyway) Some of my friends said it was the hardest elbow they ever saw land and Kirby just reversed it and started pouring it on. Eventually Kirby in top control finished a realing and exhausted Grigsby with strikes.

Jesse Lennox def Mike Hueser 1st KO

Lennox's standup has came so far its just trouble for anyone to get caught with. He looked extremely impressive taking Hueser down and then when it went back up Lennox caught him and finished with at least 5-7 clean nasty brick shots to the face, the last of which sent Hueser down. My boy Lennox chewed through ANOTHER tournament in under a minute. UFC ANYONE? Everyone on the teams very proud of Lennox, in just a few years he has become a juggernaut and a local star!

John Strawn def Vern Jefferson 1st rnc

They come out feeling each other out. John presses in his usual instense overwhelming fashion. he gets Vern to the ground where Vern goes for armbar (he is quite good at them) John reads is and yanks the arm out and starts hammering him. Eventually catching Vern with some big shots Very covers and turns and John sinks the RNC. Two belts stay in Cedar Rapids where they belong. John trained his ass of for this and we had full faith he would grind his opponent down.

All in all the fights where great. Show was awesome and a packed house once again. Want to thank all my friends and family that came to watch us get down.

Yes Kirik, how would I go about getting a green name as well?

Rod Montoya fought Charlie Kropf....Charlie took the fight on very short notice and did very good..Also Mike Van Meer had an injury that kept him out of the fight and Duke Oursler stepped in to fight Tom Grubb...Both Duke and Charlie took the fights on about a days notice and did very well...

yeah hats off to the two replacement fighters. Rarely do you see stand-ins come in and compete on short notice that well.

TTT for Lennox in the big show


Nice work Lennox. Is that your seventeenth belt now? You just keep on adding to the collection.

congrats Jesse Lennox! congrats Eric Koch, congrats Keoni,.


Great show last night! Great seeing everyone again.