Cejudo To Miocic: ‘Are You Gonna Fight Fires Or Fight Jones?’

I don’t really think we’re going to see him for another 18 months, but, when we do, it’s going to be against a guy like Jiri, Rakic or Ankalaev. I think he rapes those first two guys, but Ankalaev would be an EXTREMELY interesting fight. I think Ankalaev PROBABLY takes him today, and tomorrow I think it’s a lock.

Edit: punchline… there’s zero chance we see him at Heavy, negative zero chance against Ngannou

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  1. Jones could fight at any time and get his skin back in the game but has chosen not to. In fact he f@cked up his own career more than anyone else.
  2. Stipe doesn’t owe Jones anything.

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Cejudo is a cringy midget. Stipe should punt kick him.

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Stipe is more relatable too alot of us that are members here on the forum. He’s a blue collar guy. Still likes to do his work at the fire department. He really should be the people’s champ.