Celebrity MMA fans?

You often catch a glimpse of celebrity mma fans such as shaq, david spade, and kevin james. You even got footage of cindy crawford in her prime at cage side in the 90's. Who would you say is the biggest A list celeb mma fan? Phone Post

Donald trump wow didnt know he was an mma fan. Phone Post

Michael Clarke Duncan by far

Anthony Kiedis, Snoop and Usher are also big fans. Usher actually trained with Anderson once or twice.

Doctor mma -  Mike Tyson,Dana White, Donald Trump, Paris Hilton to name a few.


 Kevin James. All of Avenged Sevenfold are also MMA fans.

DiCaprio was once in the crowd

Chuck Zito is another one. Phone Post

there was a rumor Micheal Jackson was at one of the UFC's.

FrankMirFan -
Doctor mma -  Mike Tyson,Dana White, Donald Trump, Paris Hilton to name a few.


Lol Phone Post

Come on now - David Spade isn't a celebrity.

Jamie pressley likes it when two guys know what they are doing rather than hen they don't. And is always down for a body bag survival guide Phone Post

Mandy Moore

I remember Juliette Lewis going crazy in the crowd during one of Chuck's fights.

Jason Statham

 Andy Murray

No david spade may not be a big celebrity but joe dirt is a legend Phone Post

Didnt know about andy murray either has he been seen at any of the uk events? Phone Post

 the real answers are George Cloony, Ashton Kutcher, Micheal Jackson or Snoop Dog

but the UFC should invite celebs to their shows. Just having them there makes the UFC the place to be. Gets the public's attention. 

This just reminded me of when the UFC would interview each celebrity in the audience and ask who they thought would win the main event...I remember back when every PPV event, they'd interview Michael Clark Duncan and Chuck Zito.

 Ochocinco is a big MMA fan also

Idsmashit -  Andy Murray

 I remember when they making a deal out of his personal trainer being a 'cage fighter'.