Celebs who train

Paul Walker- BJJ Purple Belt, trains at Paragon BJJ

Chuck Norris- Karate World Champion, BJJ Black Belt

Ed O'neal- BJJ Brown Belt

Joe Rogan- BJJ Brown Belt

Guy Ritchie- trains BJJ at Budokan in London

Jason Statham- trains BJJ at Budokan in London

Kevin James- trains MMA with Bas

Gary Busey- Trains at Gracie Academy

Sean Patrick Flannery- BJJ Brown Belt

Micky Rourke- former Pro Boxer, trains MMA in Hollywood

Are there anymore?

Ed is a bb now.

Jarred Allen Defensive End for the KC Chiefs

Matthew McConaughey is doing some right now...I guess


Maynard James Keenan I think trains bjj

Maynard trains BJJ? Heh, that's cool.

Doesn't Kriss Angel train BJJ or something?

Shaq trains BJJ with Jon Burke at Gracie Orlando, I believe.

on american chopper bill murray said he was "doing this jiu jitsu thing" in reference to mixing it up with paul sr. not sure if that is true or not

i've also heard david akers the kicker from the eagles

You can't count Chuck Noris, he's famous because he's a fighter.

Wow that's sick that Ed O'Neill has his black belt now.

I don't think Rogan is not technically a bjj brown belt.. I think technically he is a brown belt under Eddie Bravo, who does no gi.

Yes ?

Joe Rogan stills trains at JJM's, IIRC.


A number of the Edmonton Oiler hockey players apparently train JJ.

rikki rocket - is a BB under renato magno

the black guy from the shield under rigan

lots of porno people if that counts

Andrew.........Al is a Black Belt, no joke.

"Hank Hill- JJ Machado blue belt, Arlin texas"

Hank Hill would never train a martial art where you have to touch another man for long periods of time. Also, it's Arlen. Hank Hill trains boxing.


Mario Van Peebles trains with Rey Diogo in Culver City. Or at least he did a couple years ago. Guy Ritchie was training with Oleg Taktarov when he was out here 4+ years ago too.