Cenk: "I'd end him", wants to come at Rogan face-to-face for $1000

Cenk would get chocked under a minute and shit himself like Seagal.


Another rumor which isn’t true.

Rogan would get b word slapped by cenk. Rogan is high and will Gas out. Cenk has Turkish toughness

Your 1st troll post didn’t get enough replies?

Also, smoking weed never affected my cardio.


Hasan Piker has a shot @ beating Rogan possibly (Cenk’s nephew)

Cenk is a fat old man. He’s not builtfat, he’s just plain fat. Just look at his flabby turkey neck. The guy is a complete loser who is making a fool of himself trying to manufacture drama off of rogan’s fame in a lame attempt to prop himself up. What a pathetic retard. Not to mention that he’s a dishonest lying scumbag in his “professional” life.


Why? Because he’s big and tall? How does that translate to being able to fight?

He’s 6’4" and ripped, in great shape, and young.

I said he’d possibly have a shot. Rogan would still be the favorite.

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Just lmfao @ socialist eat the rich working class hero Hasan dressed in that absurd jewelry and designer clothing. As if him buying a multimillion dollar house wasnt bad enough. Who takes these people seriously?


Wasn’t the house he bought like a normal $400k house in a normal cost of living area (anywhere but Cali)? That was a case of another fake outrage story. IIRC the house wasn’t that much more than a couple mil.

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Nope. It was $2,700,000. Very normal. Very working class, the 99%.


Your personal socioeconomic rank shouldn’t ultimately restrict your political position.

For example, you can be a rich progressive. And we know there’s a ton of blue collar and/or non-educated white males that are republicans that are for all the policies that give breaks to large corporations.

It absolutely should. You cannot be an anti-capitalist socialist who wears luxury jewelry and designer clothing and lives in a $2.7million dollar house. I mean you can, it just makes you a completely phony disingenuous hypocritical grifter.

It’s like if his channel was all about the virtues of veganism and the evils of meat consumption and harming animals and shaming and attacking those who are not vegan, while he was going on regular trophy hunting trips and eating daily steak dinners


good thread

I’m laughing


Yo my man is three knuckles deep in that dog’s asshole!

Look at the dog’s face!


lol at Rogan being right wing when he is for open borders.
But for those idiots everybody is right wing unless you suck tranny cock


thought it was a typo and this was about Cena

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Most progressives aren’t anti-capitalist nor fully socialist, that’s just strawmanning. They’re just against corporate socialism (corporatism) that we have now.

The reality is that American right now is a highly regulated capitalist society with MANY socialist programs:

Public transportation
Fire departments
Police departments
Public libraries
Every branch of the US military
Roads & highways
Social Security
Public, not private prisons & jails
Public hospitals
The Veterans Affairs Administration
Public universities
Public parks
Public toilets
Public drinking fountains
Public parking

Unregulated capitalism with 0 social programs doesn’t work, nor does full blown socialism. Neither extreme is feasible.

This is no different than the right being pro-militarized police, anti-protest, for the government forcing private corporations to adjust the rules of their platform, and many other authoritarian ideas. What happened to limited government being the conservative position?


Rogan taking heat from Howard Stern and many others


Cenk wins by smother.

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