Central PA grapplers/mma fighters

I was looking for some more training partners, or anyone who would want to roll. I'm a student at millersville univ. and have my own class here, so anyone interested let me know. Also, I'm from milton and when I go back to train I was looking for anyone interested up there.


I've tried getting with the ross guy, but he won't roll with me. The lancaster guys would be great to roll with, I'm an mma fighter too so hopefully i can get in contact w/ them. What does ttt mean?

Oh sweet. Thank you.

There's a BJJ club that I roll with in Sinking Spring, which is just outside of Reading. Email me at SMock76055@comcast.net and I'll forward you contact info if you like. It's a Royler Gracie/David Adiv affiliate. All BJJ though, no Vale Tudo at that location.


The Sinking Spring RGDA contact is Keith Neff at cole78@talon.net.

Check out MMA in PA for Schools and News.

I was wondering if anyone knew about any people in the lancaster area interested in rolling, I'll look into the bjj class outside of Reading. Thanks for that one.

The RGDA academy in Sinking Spring is, maybe, 30 driving minutes from Lancaster (222/30).