Cerrone OBJECTIVELY best fighter in UFC history?

Greatest journeyman

Lol cowboy isn't the best... Alot of fun, but surly not the best. Pretty sure he knows it too. 

I would say the most fan friendly

I'll be shaking his hand when he steps in the building today. I'll be expressing good luck and word or two that's expressed above from 'the UG' 

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No. Objectively the most busy really good fighter.

This is better phrasing.

Arlovski has more wins than any other HW. He's not the best HW.

most prolific, maybe.  I think you have to have been #1 in the world at your weight for a good while to be considered 'the best' - Dan Henderson might be the closest to the exception to that rule, though.

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Belts don't mean shit.  Phenomena like Hendo, the Diaz bros and Cerrone are living proof.  At the end of the day a belt won't put a roof over your head but a million dollars will.

Hendo held 2 belts. Simultaneously 

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Hes always been top ten, but hes never been the best. He is the most active for sure, but he seems to fold in big fights.

Exactly, as he will fold again tomorrow

Someone forgot about the new and improved Dad Cerrone.  Nighty night Gaethje

Where was he at vs Tony?

You saying Gaethje's level is equal to Tony? I know, MMAth, but come on! 

I'd say better after tonight.

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Records stacked on top of records. And really the only records that matter. Most wins, most finishes, most performance bonuses. The grand slam of UFC records.


Yes there are more exciting names, yes there are fighters who can put more ass in seats and sell PPVs. Is there anyone who has been as consistently dominant as Cowboy in his UFC career? Only Jones and Silva really come to mind. I'm not speaking about strictly winning. I'm talking about consistently putting on exciting fights.

If you're taking about just having "exciting" fights, sure he's probably it. But "best fighter" as you put in the title thread is laughable. 

Oranus is objectively one of the worst posters on this forum


he's the best journeymen fighter

What does "objectively the best" even mean, you can't  say objectively and follow it with an adjective. Because then it's not objective. 

inf0 - he's the best journeymen fighter

BMF contender?

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Well, there's all the losses though. 

Most fan friendly. One thing is for sure, you know Corrone will always step up and fight anybody. 

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Most fan friendly. One thing is for sure, you know Corrone will always step up and fight anybody. 

Speaking of fan friendly. I was briefed that he was at the arena on Wednesday before the fight doing a meet, greet and autograph signing. I was not provided with fan numbers but was inforned that he was there for 3 full hours engaged. He did not leave until he met every single last one of them. The Director of the arena said, of all the stars that have come and gone though the arena for various for signings, he stood out as nothing short of amazing. 

Cowboy should just hang up his spurs, would hate to see him go out like Penn. I hope he is not hurting for cash.

Cowboy is definitely HOF material.

No belt will always take him out of that talk. 


Its hard to debate that he a goat when someone can simply counter with " what major titles did he win"?