Certified Badass Fightwear!!!

Ladies & gentlemen, boys & girls, children of all ages,

Tristan Yunker, in affiliation with Scott McCorkle, proudly presents to you...

Certified Badass Fightwear.

Just wanted to unveil my new line of fightwear to the UG. Please check out the shirts and let me know what you think. The website & our myspace should be up within a couple of weeks so you can get these ordered if you like any of the designs. I'm also working on getting some shorts made, so those should be available soon as well.

And dont forget to come out to 8 Seconds Saloon in Indianapolis, IN on July 27 for Legends of Fighting 19 and the official release party for Certified Badass!

oh my..

damn.. those are some shitty T-shirts..

those shirts are so bad, they make KTFO shirts look good..

Better then tapdis, at least he's orginal!


Thats Shit is DOPE... how can I get a sponsorship?

with all due respect to the owners of the company but..that looks like legit poser wear

Bro, Ryan has a great picture of you passed out in front of Perkins! Good to party with ya. Give me a call sometime.

haha...that is awesome! tell him to send it to me on myspace!

It was good seeing you too John, we'll def have to get together next time I'm back in Iowa.


"If we duke it out in a parking lot, can I get free swag?"

Only if you trade me for a case of beer!

I also forgot to announce that the shirts will only be available in sizes Xtra Small, Large-Small, Smedium, Medium-Smedium, Xtra Medium, Xtra Smedium, Large-Medium, and 2X Smedium


Is this serious? I thought there was a enough of this clowning " I am a bad mother fucker " stuff.


Those shirts will go good with my "Bad Mother Fucker" wallet. Yep.

OFFICIAL fightwear of UG Keyboard Warriors.