CES NJ????

It looks like their first card in NJ was cancelled last night due to ring malfunction?

Anyone there that can attest to this? I am curious as to how many people were there? (i.e. is ring malfunction an excuse).

 Forum member Arias Garcia might have some info on this.He is involved with promotions in New Jersey. 

i wasn't there but from what i heard from people on the scene, the event was cancelled because the cage only had one door and the commission ain't cool wit dat.

I have been told the guy who always supplies their 2 door cage in RI set up a 1 door cage for the show in NJ. In the NJ written regulations a 2 door cage is required. I believe the floor of the cage was also a black painted canvas with the texture of sandpaper. As it was not discovered until just a few hours before showtime, it was not able to be altered or swapped out. I have been told from those involved that all fighters and officials were paid and tickets were refunded.

I have refereed for CES many times in RI and they always put on a top notch event. The always have a great 2 door cage with a custom floor.

It sucks, but a class move from CES paying the fighters and refunding the tickets.