CFX results please?

Hey quite a few of my friend fought last night can you let me know the results? Anyone?

the rev

I said please

Rev, Little Rick won by chike in the 1st, Joe boxer won by....wait for it.....ARMBAR from the mount! Art Koed Jay Martinez really fast I was told


Good on Joe boxer. Art really steps up in the ring. Does he train with you guys at all anymore?

Did you get my email?

the rev

YES... TheRev and GODZILLA thread!!!!

Glad to see all the Millennia guys step up and win last night.... and WOW... Joe Boxer won by armbar.

Rev, No Art is full time at Dan's new Team Quest in temecula. It sucks not having him and Foster in the room. Which email did you send?

about the seminar, sent it two days ago

the rev

Which account. Send again, just in case

sent it to msn account

just resent to the yahoo and msn

by the way you look very handsome this evening

the rev

Whats up Steve? I will need your help in a few days, so be available :)

Will see you in June.

the rev

Congrats to All the fighters yesterday, you guy's showed alot of heart & skill. Take Care & GOD Reigneth!  Brian Warren The results are on

No problem John... you can send me an email

See you in June