Chack Vs Rashad



I think Rashad could definitely give Chuck some trouble but I think Chuck would pull it out the W. Rashad wouldn't be able to finish him or keep him down long enough to win a decision.

Great take down guy vs great take down defense.

been discussed waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much lately.

let it rest. for now.

Rashad has no chance vs Lidell.

no chance in hell

What has Rashad done up to this point to warrant this discussion? Let him beat Babalu, Tito, etc... and then we can talk.

I would put money on Rashad (since he'd obviously be a tremendous underdog). Great chin + better hands than anyone Chuck has beat in years + great wrestling + used to fighting heavyweights.

orcus is smart.
good bet.
be hard to lose much money, easy to win alot of money.