Chad Mendes unreal sportsmanship

I already liked Chad but I gained a whole lot more respect for him after that post fight interview.

What a great guy. Phone Post 3.0

He's always been a class act, you just can't dislike a guy like that. Just wish he was a bit more bloodthirsty, he had a couple chances to end that fight.

Yeah, made up for the multiple eye rakes. Phone Post 3.0

Mad respect for Mendes. Him taking that fight short notice was tough for both fighters, both deserve respect and both are getting paiiiid Phone Post 3.0

Both displayed great sportsmanship, awesome for the sport. Both guys are beast. Phone Post 3.0

It's hard not to be nice when you just made millions. Chad never seen a payday like this one. Phone Post 3.0

He'll be back and I'd pay to see that rematch.
I was glad to see the sportsmanship from both guys too.

Great night of fights even though the main event fell apart. I wonder if they used that reebok money to improve the production..? Phone Post 3.0