Chael Amazingly Silent ???

Maybe Chael is busy at home writing his material now but it seems that he would see this as a huge opportunity to either put his name on the list of fighters who would take Silva's rematch space if he was injured or give the world a "I told you Silva wasn't all that" diatribe ~ hmmm

That will be interesting commentary to hear. He almost put himself in a bad position by saying that Silva was the best MMA middleweight fighter in the world but he always cringed at the possibility to get a phone call to fight Weidman. Its an awkward position I think he put himself into prior to last evenings fight ~

Maybe Chael is not such a bad guy and does not kick a man when he is down.

I think your right, Chael will work it when it becomes the fight promotion but as a fighter, he knows Silva needs his space right now...

He doesn't want weed man

And he would need to build momentum at mw again first

Buspinhg. Rematch?? Phone Post 3.0

Chael is a smart guy and understands the situation as well as anyone. He did say his piece after the fight but it was more in a congratulatory manner than a nit picking one. Phone Post 3.0

I think Chael retire his trolling Phone Post 3.0

Chael is never silent. Phone Post 3.0

What could he say anyhow? Anything he says doesnt make him Chris Weidman and will not erase losing to Anderson twice.

nolabrum - Maybe Chael is not such a bad guy and does not kick a man when he is down.

"does not kick a man when he is down." haha