Chael: Coach broke the rules in a street fight

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                                Chael: Wand broke the rules in a street fight

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                    <p>Mixed martial arts met&nbsp;WurlllStaaarrr&nbsp;recently, when&nbsp;opposing TUF Brazil 3 coaches&nbsp;Chael&nbsp;Sonnen&nbsp;and&nbsp;Wanderlei&nbsp;Silva&nbsp;engaged in a brawl.&nbsp;The Gangster from Oregon&nbsp;received bruises and a small cut. The Axe Murderer injured his back. The fight between the two was delayed until July 5.</p>

In an interview with Mike Chiappetta, Sonnen said Wanderlei broke the rules.

"I'm on top of Wanderlei Silva without a mouthpiece, I could've bit him, but I didn't," said Sonnen. "He's got no gloves on. He could have eye gouged me, but he didn't. There's rules, even in a street fight with me and Wanderlei who hate each other. There was a weight stack right next to where we were fighting, and what his coach did was one step away from picking up a weight and just crushing my head with it. There's no way around the fact that what he did was illegal."

Wand apparently broke another set of rules, too. Sonnen is supposed to play the heel, but a recent poll showed that 70% of fans support Chael IN BRAZIL.

"Not only do I not need to be applauded, I like to be booed," Sonnen said. "I may be the only guy in sports that the louder they boo, the bigger the smile I'm going to have on my face. So you be the good guy, and I remain the heel. And I just couldn't get him to understand. And I kept trying to explain that, Wanderlei, when you have a mob mentality which is what he has, the more people he has standing behind him and the less I have with me, the bigger his courage grows. If you approach me 6-on-1, this is going to endear me to the audience because I look like a victim. And I don't want that. You go ahead and deal with the applause, and I'll go ahead and walk through the crowd that's throwing their beer and nachos on me. I like that. But he was too stupid to grasp the concept."

There was another shift in rules when the sport effectively ended the use of Testosterone Replacement Therapy. Sonnen is 40 some days into a 60-day program to get off TRT and get into compliance with the new rules.

"I do feel a little bit different but I feel very encouraged with the new path we're taking," said Sonnen. "I'm feeling more positive than panicked. At first, I felt panic. My panic is going away, and I'm seeing some optimism, but I'm not through it yet."

"To be candid with you, if I find something and it works and I go, 'Oh, my goodness, I can't believe this works,' I don't think I would share it. I think it would be a competitive edge and competitive secret as much as anything else. As long as it's within the rules, that's what I'd try to do."

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I still can't grasp the fact there are "rules" in a street fight. Phone Post 3.0

dannyapodaca - Gotta be a record on how many times the ug blog has posted on this "fight" Phone Post 3.0

UG Blog is a huge Chael fan. 

News to me, apparently there rules in a street fight. Phone Post 3.0

Please stop, Chael. Phone Post

MysteriousNinjaFromMars - Gentleman agreement more than rules imo . Dont pull out my eye and I wont bite your nose off etc.