Chael & Silva real fans take on the result.

Anderson Silva: Thank you for coming to fight. Congratulations on a win and on remaining the 185lb champion and probably p4p champ.

Chael Sonnen: Awesome job, no doubt you had that fight won until you got caught. Props on your heart. No excuses, you stood up and said that anderson was the better fighter on the night.

I may disagree with Chael on most things, including him saying Anderson was the better fighter last night, but one thing all real fans will agree on: Thank you both for a crazy entertaining ball busting fight that pulled in all the qualities that we as fans love to see. /SALUTE.

oh yeah, and fuck the haters.





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Voted up... in a few hours.

Well said good sir

 Except that Anderson DID make excuses for his perfomance.