Chael Sonnen Legacy

 In a month time Sonnen is going to get destroyed by the Spider.

What will be his legacy?.

Will he be remembered as the guy on steriod who couldn't beat a injured Anderson Silva in their first fight or just a loud mouth who talk his way into a rematch with the great one.


if his fighting legacy can somehow top his mass of unethical and illegal activities it would be impressive.

long way to go though, and losing twice to anderson isn't going to help

 Good but not elite.  Talked a lot of gibberish to appeal to the lowest common denominator.  Afterthought when looking back on the history of MMA.

I do not envy Chael's position right now.

He has put tremendous pressure on himself and in the off chance that he actually finds a way to beat Anderson there will be an immediate rubber match.

One of the top WWs even if he loses.

Fuck the haters, it's the truth. Phone Post

He will be known as the guy who go submitted time after time and never learned Phone Post

He would always find a way to snatch à tapout Phone Post

...from the jaws of victory.

Stupid iPhone. Phone Post

Chael will be remembered as the biggest pile of bullshit you ever saw, but in time we'll grow to forget the stench Phone Post

7/7 comming boys. tick tock

Reality will set in after.

As the man who beat the man Phone Post

P4p GOAT Phone Post


 Less than a week for Sonnen destruction.

 I hope the op doesnt do anything drastic after Chael schools his mancrush once again.

UGCTT_Mexicant - He will be known as the guy who go submitted time after time and never learned <img src="/images/phone/apple.png" alt="Phone Post" border="0" style="vertical-align:middle;"/>

Unfortunately, this

chael is a punk douchebag and I cant wait to see him get the utter shit beat out of him, then listen to his reasons why, then forget the felon ever lived.