Chael Sonnen "Sonnen Says" Shirt Limited Edition R

A few days back I posted a preview picture of the new 'Sonnen Says' shirt. I started getting a ton of messages and emails about where and when the shirt would be available.  So here is a follow up to that. Tonight the highly anticipated 'Sonnen Says' shirt was released by TapouT.  Only 500 shirts were made for this limited edition play on the recent 'Bones Knows' shirt by Nike. Here is an updated High Quality image of the shirt below.

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As Joe Rogan would say -


TTT hopefully one left on tuesday Phone Post



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TRT I mean TTT Phone Post

I bet the 500 go before 500 bones knows goes :p even if its fapout! Phone Post


TapouT Sonnen Says Shirt

Item# tap-2129


Color: Black

In his last 11 fights he's finished one guy and been finished in all of his losses. Why do people give a shit about this guy. It's decision dans little brother who didn't inherit the right hand. I swear people being fans has to be a troll Phone Post