Chael tells Ariel to shut his mouth on ESPN YT

Mir a few years ago would probably have broken something off of Jones very badly. He only got beat by big, big power guys.

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Give Jones $15M - $20M and let’s see this fight. It will sell at least 1.5M PPV buys. If it doesn’t, than Egg can use it to never pay him big money again.

Jones is not a big draw. Dana knows it. He’s a 600-800K pay per view guy. Solid but not Mcgregor numbers.

I think Cormier Vs Jones II (where Jones tested positive for PED’s, again) was his highest pay per view. 860K Buys which is around 25th on UFC Pay Per Views.

Francis is a compelling fighter but even with strong marketing, I doubt it cracks a mil. Mcgregor is literally the only current fighter that guarantees a million plus buys.

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