Chael's Suplex..

Was sick!






Read my blog and see the pics about WEC here:
WEC: The Rhino versus The All American

Nice shot!

It was a pretty sweet suplex......definitely gif worthy

Chael is the man.

Not to hijack...BUT!!! My buddy Jason form SnapLocally took this shot over the weekend and since they were similar!!!!


TTT for Chael, starting to become a real big fan

One of my favorite of all-time after the 2 by Severn on Macias was the one by Valencia, I think it was Valencia...anyone got that one?

That's a sweet looking German Suplex by Chael. He had an arm trapped as well which had to make the impact hurt even more so. I guess I got comeptition now?

SugaShanDZ - That's a decent pic but if you know anything about suplexes you can tell that guy was turning or bailing out of it. From a photography stand point that's a great shot unfortunately live that suplex would not have delivered.


"Suplexes. When done right, no can defend."


Would you be interested in fighting Tim Sylvia now that he's signed (non-exclusively) to Adrenaline?

Not to thread jack, but one of my all time favorite fights is when Josh nearly subbed Nog with a knee bar and actually had him yelling in pain.

I like Nog, but that was an incredible display of catch-wrestling...

TTT for Barnett fighting Sylvia!!!!

TTT for Barnett tearing off Sylvia's foot!


How do you hit a belly to back without bailing out (as you put it) and without KO'ing yourself. For example, the one you hit Kondo with.

Or rather, the two he hit Kondo with


Awesome pic(s).

I'm becoming a fan of his quickly. Watching his last 2 fights, he just brings
it with nonstop pressure and takes you down like a baby. He's got some
good ground and pound too.

Always great to see you on here Josh

As for The Beast/Marcias I had to dig deep for this one...

Josh your suplex on Yoshida was pretty awesome

K Cooley- I believe Josh was talking about the guy getting thrown is bailing out or turning belly down.