Chandler has given us some wars this year

Never really followed the guy before so not a fan boy or a hater. The fish hooking was a wtf for me but who knows what happened in the heat of the moment.

That being said:

Dude literally comes out swinging in his last couple fights. Justin and dustin were both wars.

I knew watching the fight though that if dustin (barring getting caught/ko’d) weathered the first round, he would pull a vet move, step on the gas and take it


Him, Gajthe and Poirer are all like the same guy. They are all right there, have wins and losses against the same guys and are all brawlers with Gajthe having the least offensive submissions, Poirier having the most, Chandler having the middle, Chandler having the most offensive wrestling and Gajthe having the least.


Good acquisition by the UFC for sure.

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He will never be champ but I love watching him fight. I’d like to thank him for sacrificing his body for my entertainment, no homo.


Dude is never in a boring fight. If he fought with a few more IQ points, hed have beaten DP. But DP is the man and pulled out the patience of a vet and got the win. Good fight.

I’ll bet his coach drills a game plan and Chandler tells him he is going to follow the GSP plan. He lands a few bombs and goes Leroy Jenkins, his coach just shakes his head and it’s a coin toss on who wins

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His best win is Dan Hooker calm down

Username checks out

Love chandler. Guy is a warrior and throws down for the fans