Changes to show.. Help wanted!

The show I hound you weekly with information about is going through some changes.

First, a name change is happening. I've had a great run with Shambala Sports and Entertainment, but they have elected to move their efforts to more of a music agency, and are moving away from the MMA avenue. I'll still be offering my full efforts and support to Shambala Sports and Entertainment in all their outside MMA adventures, but I've decided it's best to take the show in a different direction. With this said, I'm looking for your help picking something more MMA related to call the show. I'm soliciting your ideas.

Also, other changes..

Starting within the next two weeks, I will be joined in the co-host chair by not one, but two co-hosts. First, my long time friend Tom Volkert, who has more than paid his dues helping me get the show to this point will be co-hosting. I THINK Tom posts here as SensesFailed. If you've followed the show in the past, you'll know how good he is at this. If you have yet to, trust me you're in for a treat.

Also joining us in the co-host spot will be a prominent name in the Mixed Martial Arts community. The deal is done, it just needs finalized, and this gentleman has verbally agreed to step to the seat and co-host the show; hopefully helping us grow it to the next level. This gentleman is one of the most recognized names in Mixed Martial Arts and has a list of accomplishments in this sport that speak for themselves. He's someone that anyone who's ever followed MMA will know. I will officially announce him when we finalize the details. He's got family commitments for the rest of the week, but I assure you, I will be making the public announcement of who the co-host is in a separate thread/ news release in short order.

Two prominent names who I CAN confirm are coming on board with the show are Kevin Randleman and Don Frye. Both have graciously agreed to do weekly segments. Trust me, these gentlemen are world class characters, and are sure to bring a high level of entertainment to our show, and will give segments that you don't want to miss!

I've set a New Year's Resolution to take this show to the next level in 2011. I feel with the changes, we will get there, and with the help of these well known characters, the sky is the limit!

Please help with name suggestions. For the person who helps me pick a name, I'll compensate you with a gift card of some sorts, and recognize your efforts. I can't promise the gift card will be a big money amount, but it'll at least be something to allow you the chance to buy a DVD or shirt, if that's your cup of tea.

Thanks for your help and sorry about the FRAT!

Crooklyn - MMA Pipeline

Cage Connection

Fists of Fury Radio

Primetime Smash Radio

I'm just rattling shit off.  Best of luck to you.  I like your show :)

I like all of those names a great deal. Good stuff Crooklyn!

Coming from you, the compliment is extremely high praise. Thank you :) :)


PitbullSkullFlamingBarbedwire Fighting Talk Guys?

 or, on a slightly more serious note-No Holds Barred Radio


 I like the Cage Connection suggestion, or possibly Fight Game?


Crooklyn - 
MountainMedic -  or, on a slightly more serious note-No Holds Barred Radio

Eddie Goldman has that one already.

 yeah, i kinda thought it was taken. i've been awake for about 40 hrs now. gettin punchy.




MountainMedic - 

PitbullSkullFlamingBarbedwire Fighting Talk Guys?

That's a hell of a mouthful to try and pronunce six or seven times a show, but it definitely has potential for greatness name wise. :)

 it can't be beat

if you can find a co-host that can cleanly rip that off every 7 minutes, you sir have found soemone special. i'm not sayin "gay-marry me" special, but pretty damn close.

I've tried to talk the MMA name who is going to co-host with me to get his name tattooed over his stomach, get grenades on his neck or both hands, legally change his name to his MMA nickname, change his name to the Assassin add a few other stereotypical MMAisms to his skit.. He won't do it.. Yet.

If we do convince him to do these things and pick your show name, it cannot be beaten!

Great name suggestions to you and everyone who has put them up. Definitely got a tough decision ahead there!

 RedBelt Radio

Never Back Down Network

representmotherfuckers- radio l.o.l

 I'm not so good at picking names but knowing Nanook personally I'll say he's the most knowledgeable guy I've met in this sport and runs an excellent show.

How about "MMAdness radio"

Knuckle down

Knockout radio
KO radio
Vale tudo talk
No rules radio