Changing Teams

haha!! Touche!


G will put it on, he needs lots of Tequilla first though.

Good luck BJJWA, and may the faygotry be with you!


1 to 1 & 1/2 hours 2ce a week in 3 different styles is only 6 to 9 hours weekly. we train 3 to 3 1/2 hours on mon and wed nights. start wrestling finish sparring .combine boxing & kickboxing. do submissions socially. plenty time to sleep.

i know bjj guys who spend more time just doing bjj.

I like to wrestle bjj fighters, strike wrestlers and bjj fighters and submit boxers and kick good 4 me.


So do you compete in any of the sports you train in?

yeah. i love to compete. used to do a lot of just striking comps about 6-7 years ago.(boxing kickboxing)

won a nmal oz title in '97

won a qld jj title in 2001

had a bunch of mma fights and always wrestle at different clubs to see how i'm progressing. (john k's, ken d's, darren mc's,chris h's & once @ tony & mic greens.)

have been severely beaten by paul cale and gerald b.b.
(proud to have lost to these guys).

my wrestling coach wants me to compete at aussie nats i think june next year(depends on location)
missed a lot of opportunities through injuries but hell, i'm getting old!!!

although i have never competed in bjj i test myself @ different gyms and i don't have many probs with blues anymore.

thanks 4 the interest...i love talking about myself:)

your not wrong

Cool. Pretty handy guys to be beaten by.
Infact i've been beaten by both these guys and neither even raised a sweet. :(

Fuck you 100+kg grapplers. :)

hmmmm... pool party with runway, 'W' shaven into each cheek or drunken coppers at G's place? ...another tough call. do the cops have cuffs and nightsticks G? (this might help in the decision making process).

i dont like your chances of getting G into a nurses uniform, he's a great big party pooper! ...wouldnt even give out kisses at spartan 8.

on the subject of nurses and uniforms, do proctologists wear a particular kind? just curious

elbow gloves. spray jacket. pocket-lube(I think runway will have spare).

wooohooo!! its a good thing then that i have cruisers up the yin yang!! ;)