Chappelle vs Riley

Apparently, Aaron Riley beat Andrew Chappelle last night by DEC, round 3, in Hook N Shoot.

Anybody see this, who can give some play by play or commentary?

I've seen Chappelle fight and was pretty impressed with him. Thought he had a shot in this one, and would really like to hear about how the fight played out.

Here are results from the event, from Sherdog:

1 Sean Krysa Eddie Moreno Decision 5:00 2

2 Heath Pedigo Andy Majors Submission (Heel Hook) 1

3 Kelly Huehn Victoria Remington Submission (Armbar) 2

4 Jamie Toney Courtney Ray Decision 5:00 2

5 Nick Ollbending Chris Herring Decision 5:00 2

6 Jen Case Julie Ketzie Submission (Triangle Choke) n/a

7 Dan Swift Ira Boyd Draw n/a

8 Aaron Riley Andrew Chappelle Decision 5:00 3

was an amazing fight.

Both fighters traded to start the fight and ended up in a clinch against the ropes. Aaron then landed some amazing knees to Chappell's face with a single underhook in. (think Ninja vs Sperry after the first flurry)Chappelle hung right in there, scoring with some nice shots and a nice knee of his own to Aaron's chin. Aaron gets first takedown and delivered some nice pound. Andrew is able to get some space after switching to butterfly guard and escapes back to his feet. Both fighters trading with Chappelle landing some nice hard shots.

More of the same in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. Both fighters trading big shots and Aaron scoring some nice takedowns. Fight was very very close. Chappelle is a amazing athlete and has a bright future. Aaron was well coached and followed his corner's instructions to the T.

The fight was too close to judge imo. Both Aaron and Chappelle put on a great show, so I expect a rematch when HookNshoot comes back to Columbus in a few months.

btw, Aaron was cornered by Ricardo Liborio and John Hartnett.

I talked to both fighters after the show, both were very classy and had nothing but kind words and respect for each other. Hope to see them duke it out again soon.

Chappelle is an amazing grappler. Hope he got to show some of that off, but against a guy like Riley that can be a little hard.


TTT for Andrew!!!!

Damn, sounds like a tough, great fight.

Thanks very much 4nzix.

Sounds as though they earned their money in that one.

I hope they were both paid well.

TTT for Aaron