Charles Oliveira, the best UFC lightweight in the world, only has 50% vision in his fights

Thats 25 percent more than Bisping needed to KO luke rockhard


Id be a little concerned letting the commissions know that information. I’d think at some point your vision would get bad enough that certain commissions would say it’s not safe to fight. It’s not that bad yet but it brings an issue to their attention that normally they would just gloss over assuming your vision was good enough and instead they are paying closer attention to it.


Some of the stuff posted here is literally conversation material from elementary school lunch tables.

“Hey, I only have 50% of my vision when I play dodgeball, but adrenaline makes up for it in gym class”

“Oh yeah, I peed off all the poops stains in the toilet with my eyes closed”

The guy is a fucking machine and seems like a good human being, can’t that just be worth bragging about lol


Gaethje has a similar story.

Gaethje had corrective eye surgery. He is good to go know.

I call bullshit.

Previous to getting surgery I had REALLY bad eyesight as well. -7.5 in the good eye and -8 in the bad. Yeah, I couldn’t read a book without it being 4" in front of my face and definitely couldn’t drive. But in striking distance I could see well enough, it’s not a huge deal. Doesn’t surprise me that he’s ok competing.